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How I Can Help


- collection planning

- cellar inventories

- appraisals

- maturity analysis

- divestment


- sourcing specialist

- fine wine market analysis

and strategy



Whether large or small,

a wine collection needs love and attention.  At a minimum, collectors should take an annual inventory.  Optimally, they build an investment plan to ensure

that their purchases are

never wasted.


Wine is more than a drink.  It is a gift, from nature and man.  Each bottle deserves our gratitude and our respect.


Wine has a life cycle just like we do.  Good wines (and good people) improve over time.  You want to drink your wines when they are at their best.  A map of your collection by maturity will guide you. 

CMP Wine | Napa, CA
Complementary Consultation




Call or email to discuss

your objectives, favourite wines,

problems and queries. 

No two collections or collectors

are the same, and my work

does not begin until I understand your wine goals. 


Every collection requires

a reset at regular intervals. 

If you have bottles in your collection that are in danger

of sliding past their peak,

selling them is better than

letting them die. 

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