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The starting point for any

wine journey is an accurate inventory.  That is never fun. 

I can take care of the mundane inventory work for you,

and also secure optimal

storage for your wine.


Wine is worth more than money,

but every so often an independent evaluation of the market value, and/or replacement value, of a collection is necessary for many reasons, from insurance

to inheritance.

Collection Planning


Define your wine destination

and map out how to get there. 

Key questions include:

- How many mature bottles do you need vs bottles that are 5-10 years down the road?

- How many red, white, rose, sparkling?

- Favorite grape/region/producer?

Maturity Analysis


Which wines are ready

to drink today?  What should I serve at my party next week? 

Do I have enough mature reds on hand for the holidays?

Mapping your collection by maturity gives you the answers to all those questions and makes choosing bottles to drink simple.


The secondary market for

wine is complicated and opaque.  If you have wine to sell, appointing a third party to collect quotes and manage negotiations will save

you a great deal of work. 

CMP Wine | Napa, CA


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